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About the Club


Huron Mountain is a private club on a contiguous tract of woodland located within the Huron Mountain region of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 30 miles northwest of the city of Marquette.  The Club provides its members and its employees the opportunity for various forms of healthful recreation including hiking, fishing, and hunting.  Founded in 1889, the Club is sustained by the lasting ties of family, friendship and the love of nature.

As its old-growth forests have become more and more rare, the Club has given its community a strong sense of the special value of its unspoiled forests and waters.  As a result of the large size and pristine nature of the property, scientists, sponsored by the independently-operated Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation ( live and do research on the Club land.  To assure the continued protection and conservation of the Club’s lands, road access is gated at all times and it is also regularly patrolled.

The main Club buildings are clustered near the mouth of the Pine River on Lake Superior.  Club facilities include a Clubhouse with a common dining room, a small general store, a children’s activities building, a filling station with repair facilities, a boat & carpenter’s shop, a firehouse, a business office and living quarters for full-time and seasonal staff.  A doctor is resident during the summer season.  Fifty member-owned cabins are clustered about a half-mile east and west of the main Club area on Lake Superior beach or are along Pine River just south of the beach.

Restaurant services are generally provided to members from May 1 through late October.  Buffet-style service is provided in the dining room at communal dining tables for breakfast and dinner and also at lunch on Sundays during the peak summer season.  “Brown-bag” picnic lunches are provided daily.

Headed by a resident General Manager, the Club has about a dozen full-time employees, many of whom also live on the property.  In addition, there are about 35 full-time seasonal employees during the six warmer-weather months and total employment of about 80-85 during the period when schools are on summer vacation.  Similarly, attendance surges in July and August

The club is an equal-opportunity employer who provides competitive wages and a generous package of benefits including an annual bonus based on hours worked.  For further information please contact the General Manager at the Club.