Job Openings

Working at Huron Mountain Club

Huron Mountain is a private club on a contiguous tract of woodland located within the Huron Mountains region of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 30 miles northwest of the city of Marquette.  The Club lands include unpaved roads to access a network of interior lakes and streams as well as trails to other points of interest. The Club provides its members and its employees the opportunity for various forms of healthful recreation including hiking, fishing and hunting. Founded in 1889, the Club is sustained by the lasting ties of family, friendship and the love of nature.

Family Work

Childcare and activities planning.  Keepers will be responsible for watching the children of the Members and their guests in close cooperation with the Outdoor Activities Program.  Each Keeper will have an individual child to oversee.

Keepers work directly for the Member/Family and are not considered Club Employees.

Compensation and scheduling to be negotiated with the family directly.

Oversee the Outdoor Activities Program at the Huron Mountain Club, to provide the memberships children with fun, engaging activities, to ensure that said activities are reasonably safe, to work closely with the Keepers and families in planning activities.  Hours can vary depending on need.

Guides are Club Employees and compensation will depend on experience.

Ground Maintenance

The Club requires seasonal general laborers for various positions.  Duties will include grass cutting, brush clearing, assisting the maintenance crews, and any number of other daily tasks that may come up.  Ideal candidates will be motivated and require minimal supervision.

Positions start at $12 per hour.

The Club maintains an extensive network of foot trails that require constant maintenance.  Candidates will be required to hike long distances, safely operate a chainsaw and/or machete, and will be responsible for carpentry tasks associated with the trail network, such as bridge maintenance.

The Huron Mountain Club maintains a fully functional wood shop and has an annual need for experienced wood workers and carpenters.  Primarily dealing with maintenance issues and some new construction as necessary.

Compensation will depend on experience.

The Club requires weekly pickup of refuse from the cabin areas, as well as the various service buildings and departments.  This will be in addition to any number of general labor and/or maintenance tasks that may be required.  Candidates will be required to maintain a company vehicle and methodically work through lists of pickups, removing debris and recyclables as necessary.

Compensation starts at $12 per hour.

The Club maintains a housekeeping service for the members and guests.   Primarily working to ready the Cabins and other Club rental properties for the spring/summer seasons and then again for closing in the fall, while providing basic housekeeping services in the interim.  Full-time seasonal positions available.

Food Service